Friday 18 December 2015

If I were A Carpenter...

Every Thursday, a group of hardworking volunteers serve "The Carpenter's Lunch" at our church to around three dozen 'seniors'. It is always an excellent meal, and the atmosphere is so friendly - people pay just £3 for their food. Bob and I attend when we can - so we can get to chat to folk [and I help with serving] On a Sunday at 'after church coffee' it is sometimes a bit of a rush to speak with people, and this relaxed opportunity to catch up with the older generation is useful. This week's menu was splendid [Thanks to Rick and Angela J.]

  • pate and crackers with salad garnish
  • gammon, accompanied by new potatoes, red cabbage and peas
  • Carte D'or Raspberry Vanilla Log
  • tea or coffee

then guests received a slice of Christmas cake and a satsuma to take home. 
I must say that the dessert was quite stunning, with the raspberry layer and the exquisite gold curl decorations. Afterwards I went up to Sainsburys to buy groceries- my 3rd visit this week - I went on Monday to ask about gifts for the lunch, on Wednesday to collect a trolleyful of lovely items from Sue, the Public Relations Link Person, and then today to buy my groceries. 

When I was chatting with the checkout operator, I said how grateful we were for Sainsbury's generosity - and she say "I have heard that your church is a very caring one" which was a lovely thing for her to say. It is encouraging to think we really are making a difference in our community. [that is a red Santa Hat on my head- unfortunately it does look like I am just swathed in a cotton wool bandage]


  1. Well done Ang! Yes the Santa hat does look a bit like a bandage but, at least your ears were warm!xxx

  2. P.S 'Been thinking of you a lot lately, having gone through my stash of fabrics/craft stuff/buttons, looking for various bits that just 'go' with what I've been making for gifts etc. xxx

  3. Good old Sainsburys, they are a generous company.

  4. Ang, I do love you! You have such a wonderful kind heart and I am glad that your church is such a good witness!x


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