Tuesday 29 December 2015

Goede Smaak

I think that is spelt correctly - it is Flemish for 'it tastes good' - and certainly our Christmas food has been excellent. Here are a few of the things we enjoyed

  1. Fish Pie [Mary Berry]  
  2. Pear and Syrup Sponge [James Martin]
  3. Christmas Breakfast [smoked salmon, cream cheese, blini]
  4. Christmas Tree Pavlova, with winter fruits [James Martin]
  5. The Christmas table - loads of different veg
  6. Bob carving the turkey
  7. St Stefanus [bottle & glasses from SAB Miller, c/o Steph]
  8. The last slice of Bob's Amazing Christmas Leftovers Pie*
  9. The last bowl of the butternut and turkey stock soup.
Just a few more days of feasting with other friends and family - then it will be some fasting I suspect! I hope you have enjoyed some good festive fare this week too.
* as Jon remarked "It must be good, if you are so busy eating that you don't remember to take a photograph until the last slice!"


  1. I think I'm getting fed up with 'naughty' food. Tomorrow I will popping to Aldi for lots of fruits and vegetables. I'm actually craving a veggie stir fry after all the junk.

  2. It all sounds very good. I like the idea of Steph having St Stephanus glasses! I've not been eating so much this year because of the toothache/gumache and now jaw and tongue ache! I think I'm going to try and eat some supernoodles for dinner because they are easy to just swallow without chewing!x

  3. It all looks quite delicious!

  4. Did u make all that? Impressive. Hope u all had a great time x

  5. I feel stuffed just looking at it lol!
    Made me drool! xxx


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