Monday 7 December 2015

Fantastic Festival

Bob and I popped over to West Moors to look at the Tree Festival. It was fairly quiet when we arrived – but teeming with visitors when we left! The church chairs were stacked down the middle, with the all trees round the edge [and tea and coffee in the adjoining room]P1020761

So many trees, from lots of different groups – no two alike

west moors tree festival1


Peace was a popular theme, and many trees had decorations on which people could write their Christmas Hopes and Dreams.

Others were covered with decorations hand made by the children [the Scouts were marking their boxing Day Duck Race]

west moors tree festival

I love the handprint reindeer with goggle eyes, pompom nose and pipecleaner antlers – and the angels with their paper doyley wings.

west moors tree festival-001


This Christmas Pudding under the Bowls Club Tree is a decorated bowling ball.

How hard everyone has worked. I suspect this may become an annual event. [and I shall have to start looking for ideas for next year’s UCF arboreal contribution]

Our own tree will go up at home this week I hope…


  1. We are going for it on Saturday so our daughter comes home to it from Uni. Like lots of people, we still have our children's handmade decs. There's nothing quite like them is there?

  2. Oh how beautiful! That reindeer is really clever and the bowling ball is v fitting!! We put ours up last night, very late, as CBC returned from Northumberland with a real one and a wreath!x

  3. Ours will be up next weekend. And Monday we are off to a Carol concert which will really get me in the crimbo mood

  4. The trees look wonderful. I keep meaning to get to one of these tree festivals one year, though they would indeed put my tree to shame - which has a theme 'anything goes'. xCathy


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