Saturday 5 December 2015

Santa Napkin Tutorial


We are doing make-and-take craft tables at the Fayre, so I am going to teach people to make Santa Napkins. An old idea, but dead easy [and if you can’t sew, then you can always stick them together with PVA glue] The instruction sheet is below.

You need white fleece, and red napkins [I got these cheaply from IKEA] some Hama beads, pink felt, and some leaves, [mine are foil sequins, you could use green felt holly leaves, or even mini cake decorations]

The pink felt should be cut into a rectangle 3cm x 6cm. Attach the top circle with loose stitches so it can be removed before the napkin is unfolded and put to use. I found I got the best result sewing the red nose flat, but standing the black eyes on end before I sewed them down. If you are doing this with children and using glue not thread, then goggle eyes work well instead.

santa napkins


A pack of half a dozen of these would make a good gift for someone – or you might sell some at your own Christmas Fayres . They’re a good activity to keep the children busy once term ends.


This is a view of the back, showing how the strips fold down at an angle, in order to give the sloping sides to Santa’s beard.

Do have a go at this one – it is surprisingly effective and not difficult to do!


  1. Oh goodness!! This pattern takes me back!! I must have made thousands, but use long pile fur fabric and the smallest plastic holly cake decoration, and a lot of glue!!! Hope yours are every bit as successful as mine have been over the years, mainly for Boys' Brigade!!

  2. Great craft and gift idea! I have red fabric that I could cut up and sew the napkins and I believe, between daughter and I, we have plenty of white fleece and pink felt. Shall try making a set or two. Thank you for the idea.


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