Thursday 3 December 2015

Another Project All Sewn Up

Valerie came with me to St Martins URC Church in West Moors this morning – and we decorated our UCF tree as part of their tree Festival.  Click on the collage below for a closer look.

final display

There were a few other groups decorating their trees this morning [we were there quite early] and it was interesting to see the different interpretations. The PreSchool Tree next to ours had super handprints and peg angels made by the children, and on the other side, a Flower Arrangers’ Club had used silk poinsettias and silk butterflies. Ladies from the host church had covered theirs with conical handmade angels. [that is conical not comical!]

There was a lovely little crib scene at the front of the chapel.


I hope to go back and look at all the trees later in the week. The event runs till Sunday afternoon, at which point our tree will be put up in our church. I confess to a great sense of relief that it has all gone so smoothly, and looks so good – and cannot express my gratitude enough to all those who have worked so hard at this.


  1. The tree looks so lovely.

  2. I love Christmas tree festivals!!

  3. I love seeing all the different tree decorations. I think the children's trees are my favourite though, so much enthusiasm!!
    X x

  4. The tree is lovely, but you too are looking radiant! You're planted in a good time and place x


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