Thursday 31 December 2015

If You Have A Long Felt Want... do some belated Christmas Crafting, then check out this book

I have just borrowed it from Dereham Library, and I suspect that I shall be copying a few of the ideas before I return it [not sure when/if  I shall create them though!]

Lots of ideas for different felt decorations - to hang on the tree, stand on a shelf...and whilst many are variations of stars and birds seen elsewhere, this book had some fresh inspiration.
I liked the pink/orange 'mid-20th-century' themed pieces.
And I have not seen a llama tree decoration before [Lynda Snell probably has one in Ambridge though]
It has been a fun little read - instructions, templates etc very clear, and advice for no-sew variants. Definitely rates *****
I also borrowed this one. But do not intend to recreate any of the wild and wacky jewellery therein. It is a fun read though! ***

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  1. I think I'm done with Christmas makes for a while, mind you some of those makes are giving me a few ideas!
    A very Happy New Year to you and yours.


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