Saturday, 12 December 2015

It's Beginning...

…to look a lot like Christmas

The corner of the lounge where we sit was a bit untidy – a box of spare Christmas cards, half a zip and my sewing stuff, a bag of knitting and the pattern book, Bob’s tie, his new Terry Pratchett book, an empty crisp packet, a bucket of pens and miscellanea and some fabric. That was yesterday morning. 
I tidied up, hung bunting along the curtain rail, and now the Christmas tree is up and decorated. It is a new tree this year – the ancient one [from 1989 I think] was shedding far too many plastic needles and looking sad. This one is taller and slimmer [and was half price from B&Q]. The old lights have been replaced with LED warm white ones from Wilko.

But the decorations are the usual eclectic mix of handmade, and holiday memories and special gifts from friends. It took me forever to decorate, because I kept finding things and stopping to remember their origin. It is also interesting decorating a different house, after so many Christmases in Kirby. My staircase garland which looked like this in previous years…

…now has battery operated red lights and I have added in a few decorations which used to hang on the tree. I have taken down my Hebrew Blessings sign, and replaced it with a hanging which I stitched about 20 years ago

I haven’t started on the Dining Room yet – but I like the fact that it is beginning to feel properly Christmassy!


  1. Looks homely and traditional and beautiful!

  2. I love it!!! The stair garland is beautiful too!! Angle, thank you so much for the beautiful card and Christmas decoration , so lovely and what a nice surprise!!x

  3. I love the stair garland. Sadly our stairs are a different style or I'd of certainly pinched the idea from you.

  4. This is our second Christmas in the meadowplace and we're still working out where to put things. Not helped by the fact that there is never any time to just potter! I do think your new home looks glorious in all its festive finery. Sigh though, I do wish I was back on the blue sofa x


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