Friday 4 December 2015

How To Recycle Airbags!

Not these safety devices


But the sort of packaging that comes wrapped round parcels


Bob’s been installing the new PA at UCF, and we seem to have a lots of parcels which include packaging arriving at the Manse lately. Bubble wrap is fine, brown paper is fine [see here] but until now, these rolls of inflated pillows have defeated all my efforts at recycling. I stand in the kitchen, with a skewer, puncturing each pillow, and then roll them up tightly and throw the plastic in the bin. Then this week I had a brainwave, and did some experimenting.


The pillows have a definite seam along one edge, and they are separated by perforations. If you snip just below that seam with your kitchen scissors, and grasp firmly, you can pull off a whole strip along the top. Then separate along the perforations – and you have a whole stack of small plastic bags. Now all I have to throw away is that strip – and the bags will be ideal for the small items I’m selling at the Craft Fayre.

[Apologies for bad pictures- photographing transparent bags is hard]


  1. What a good idea, like you I had been puncturing them & then recycling. The small polybags are ideal for all sorts of things that can be used to top up the Christmas shoe boxes - sadly sometimes needed when people include inappropriate items or proscribed items which have to be removed - creating a gap, or when the box just isn't full. I collect such fillers all year, so an extra supply of free bags will be great. I already use the polybags that leaflets sometimes arrive in through the post. Thankyou for the tip, Vee x

  2. I've been giving them to the children because barbie likes a air mattress lol.
    They like to jump on them and scare mummy!

  3. That's a great recycling idea!


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