Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Punch Drunk!

Last night was the Christmas Open House - we have lots of festive nibbles, friends brought more goodies with them, and we served four different drinks - three alco-free cocktails [the same ones I did for the conference in October] and Bob made Jamie's Punch, but without the rum. As I needed the cooker, he used the portable camping gas ring. During the evening, we kept it warm on the hot tray. The drink was delicious!

I forgot to take any other pictures of a great evening - sorry! So good to have friends from church and a few neighbours sharing festive nibbles with us. As it is the first time we have done a Christmas Open House here, I was not sure if it would work - but there were people dropping in and out all evening, it was lovely!


  1. Done in the right spirit how could it not work!

  2. It sounds like it was a wonderful evening! Happy Christmas Angela! xCathy

  3. You are kind and wonderful hosts! I'd love to visit the Almonds any time!!!x


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