Thursday 10 December 2015

Throwing In The Towel

This morning Bob declared that the towel in the bathroom really ought to go – it had begun to rip as he was using it after his shower.


“But that’s my towel!” I protested “Honor Yaxley gave me that when I went to University in 1973. That towel has been a presence in my life longer than you have!” I reluctantly had to admit that it is probably past its best. Bob tried to get me to discard it about 15 years ago, when the hems were all frayed- but I just cut them off and overlocked the edges. That stitching is still in place, but the fabric round it is disintegrating.

“Most people do not expect their bath towels to last forty years” said Bob. I muttered that I am not ‘most people’. But he is right – it really is beyond the point where it is ‘fit for purpose’. I would point out that it has lasted a lot longer than a number of the towels I have acquired since then. The last lot of M&S ones I had as a gift have gone very thin in a very short time, which is frustrating. This one may turn into rags, or dusters, or if there are a few decent patches, into facecloths [more overlocking]. I am very fond of the retro orange and brown 70’s pattern.


On a brighter note, I suddenly realised that our shower curtain contains pink and blue stripes not a million shades different from Pantones Colours of 2016. There we are, I am ahead of the trend [I got the curtain from IKEA in 2008 – who knew it would come back into fashion again?]

UPDATE – I just read PomPom’s latest post, and seen her sunrise picture. I have decided that GOD does blue and pink far better than Pantone any day. Thanks PP!




  1. How lovely - I am glad I am not the only one still using things which are donkeys' years old. If it ain't broke don't fix it I say and even when it is I like to find a way to repurpose it like you!

  2. Can't compete with a towel that old, but I do still have the two that I bought to be "baby bath towels" just before the EFG was born so they are nearly 20 years in use, and although they are a little faded, they are still whole and doing well! In bed linen, though, I have a vintage duvet cover set from the seventies which we got from the FH's mother's house when she died. It was still new and in the packet when we received it in the nineties, and have been using it ever since. I don't follow fashion and change the linen every time the season's colours change, so I am happy that we have serviceable items which do the job for which they are intended!!

  3. Wow - you've got a towel that's older than me!!

    At least you know where your towel is!!

  4. I wish towels DID last longer! I had my wedding towels for so long, so I think they used to last longer! Great statement about colors and I like seeing my sky over here! (BIG HUG!)

  5. I really must find me some pink and blue. The latter we have lots of , but pink in a life with boys?

  6. Wow, that is ancient!!! What longevity!!! We had some towels that were my happiest that were then used for 30years as cat towels!x

  7. That's good innings for a towel! I recently re purposed one that was far younger. Old towels make the best cleaning cloths by far!


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