Thursday 15 August 2019

Bits And Bobs

It's proving to be a wonderfully relaxing holiday, thus far. We realised that trying to re-lay the patio by ourselves, immediately after Kids' Club was a bad idea, so decided to bite the bullet and pay someone else to do it for us.
We asked an old friend who lives in the village and he suggested father&son team Brian&Matt, who laid his patio. They were efficient and friendly and did the job well, for a fair price. We only needed slabs in the area where the old decking had been - in the long term we hope to rebuild the old garage, so didn't want to spend out on replacing everything.
On Tuesday we cleaned the old slabs and washed the grubby guttering. With our Ruby Wedding Anniversary Tea Party on Saturday we need things looking shipshape.

I've been working on my Holiday Jigsaw, a lovely picture of Amsterdam with beautiful reflections in the water. It's only 500 pieces this time, smaller than my last effort [Waterloo Station]
Some time ago I was given a toiletries gift set. I've used the bath foam and body lotion [both very pleasant] , but there was also a flower sponge in the box. I finally got it out this week. It was rubbish! Not very absorbent, not pleasant on my skin...But I snipped the string holding it together, and now have a roll of creamy craft foam, one metre long, 9cm wide. I use this stuff for all sorts of craft projects, so it won't get wasted.
We've both enjoyed just pottering at our own pace - Bob made some lovely bread at the weekend, and we've done lots of reading. 
But the weekend will be busy... I'm just hoping that the sun shines


  1. That's nice you found someone local who would do a good job&save you time. I hope all the prep for the anniversary will go well.40years, eh?! I find a lot if items that come in toiletries sets waste a lot of materials in not a helpful way so it is great you've got craft materials out if something useless!

  2. How lovely to repurpose something useless into something useful! Here's hoping the sun shines for you and Bob at the weekend.

  3. Glad you are having a relaxing holiday and found someone to work on the patio for you. Hope you have lovely weather for your anniversary celebrations. :)

  4. Loving your Ruby Wedding overalls!! Glad you're having a good break.


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