Saturday, 24 August 2019

Celebration Pictures- Part 1

Here are some pictures from last Saturday - some I took, some from Steph, and some from my bro in law Kevin. Unfortunately we were so busy having fun that I didn't really get any pictures of the three dozen and more guests who were there!
Steph finished the artwork on the summerhouse panels.
Bob and Gary put up gazebos and strung bunting everywhere.
My best friend Chris came over for two hours to help make sandwiches.
Everything was looking really good. We made temporary tables with stacked coolboxes, and workmates, disguised under tablecloths. Steph, Gaz and Bob had a moment's calm before the visitors arrived.
I was pleased with the cake - and the little daisy decorations [I got a set of punches from Lakeland in Norwich]
I prepared the scones on Thursday and froze them unbaked - so they could be freshly cooked on the day - I used a small cutter [they are in the Pyrex dish with glass lid in the centre of the table] Clingfilm and net 'food umbrellas' were in use because of the alarming number of fruit flies buzzing about.
It was so wonderful to have Bob's bro and sis with us - they enjoyed looking at the Wedding Album, and commenting on how we have changed in the past 40 years. Such an event is also a bittersweet reminder of those nearest and dearest no longer with us.
We took the cake outside to slice it. The icing was much softer than that on our actual wedding cake. That had been made by 6th form students at the school where I worked as part of their A Level Cookery. But they'd iced it in early June. By August 25th, the icing was set like concrete!!
My bro-in-law Kevin took a picture of the 11 of us who were at Dereham Baptist Church for our wedding back in '79. In fact, 25% of Saturday's guests were part of the original crowd.
From left to right
My brother Adrian, Bob's sister Denise.
Sister in law Barbara
Christine - my best friend for over 45 yrs.
Bob's brother Frank
Freda and Bob - dear friends, who were the youth leaders at DBC in my teens
Janette and Colin - old friends from Norfolk, Colin was my first Head of Dept when I began teaching - and their daughter was one of our bridesmaids.

Perhaps we should have got a picture taken in the opposite direction, of all our 'newer' friends taking photos.
We're so grateful to all those who came and made the day so special. Except possibly Archie - the little dog from next door, who rushed into the lounge and snatched Rosie's cupcake as she was about to eat it. I suspect that story is going to be told and retold many times!
Our children gave us a lovely red glass vase, and flowers, and on Sunday we were presented with a bouquet at Foulsham Chapel. These survived the journey back to Dorset - and when I took this picture on Thursday we'd already received a couple of dozen cards.
It is tomorrow which is The Actual Anniversary Day - but I'm going to make this celebration last as long as I can.


  1. Congratulations to you both!

  2. What a perfect day. It all looks beautifully arranged, and very appetising.

    1. Like your party, we had leftover food. To misquote John Lewis "The Almonds are never knowingly undercatered"

  3. Congratulations! What a beautiful celebration!

  4. What a wonderful day - and isn't it funny how everyone always loves those "tea" sandwiches, scones & cupcakes. Your cake was so pretty - love the colour of the icing and the beautiful decorative work.

    1. Thanks - we took the leftover cake to church to enjoy with coffee after the service

  5. Looks like it was a wonderful celebration! I hope Rosie was not too upset about having her cupcake snatched! I'm sure she was able to have another to replace it!

    1. She ran into the dining room and said politely "please Grandma Angela can I have another cake, the dog has eaten mine"

  6. Many congratulations! You look lovely too! Didn't realise you were so diminutive- Bob is towering above you!

    1. In Sundays blog post, I was standing on the step because a "head and shoulderscshot was otherwise impossible.


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