Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Who Is Annie Domino?

I will never forget the time that I was out with my Dad and we met a lady from the church. It was about the time my brother was born, so that would mean Dad was 37 and I was 7. Dad made some remark about "Is this your day off?" And she laughed and said "I was 60 last week. Every day's a day off now. I've just retired, and I'm a pensioner. Annie Domino has finally caught up with me." 
Afterwards I asked Dad "Who is the Annie Domino lady who has caught her. Has she done something wrong?" 
Dad laughed and explained it was a joke. People measured dates by BC, before Christ and AD, Anno Domini. She was saying she was getting old, and time was catching up with her - but she'd changed the Latin phrase to make it sound like a person. [this was prior to the politically correct BCE/CE they use now] 
I couldn't sleep on Monday night, my brain going over all the things I've been doing this holiday , and the stuff I have to do in the next few weeks. I started doing mental arithmetic... In 600 days from now [if I'm still around] Annie Domino will catch up with me too

  1. I shall celebrate my 66th birthday 
  2. I shall collect my Old Age Pension 
  3. I shall collect my Free Bus Pass
  4. ...and maybe discover more "Seniors' Benefits"

I'm a WASPI Woman - born in 1955, I've had three official letters telling me I'd get my pension at 60, then 65, and now 66. Really hoping they do not move the goalposts again! But I'm determined to use my 600 days productively, even if I don't get to teach in a classroom again. 
In other news, Rosie has announced that one of her aims in life is to grow up to be taller than Grandma Angela. I suspect she will achieve this one easily! 


  1. It's very depressing to think I'll have to work till I'm 68, especially since teaching is so much more exhausting now than it used to be. I cannot imagine maintaining the energy levels I have now for another 30years!
    I still teach BC and AD. I don't like the Common Era thing- what does that even mean??

    1. Kezzie I feel desperately sorry for young people in full time demanding jobs like teaching. I remember a colleague in Leicester saying once "When I reach my sixties, I hope to be playing with my own little grandchildren - not crawling on the floor looking after 24 4-year olds who belong to someone else. I wonder what will happen when Rosie gets older?

    2. 24 would be easier than the 31 we have to teach!!!! I hope it doesn't get worse for Rosie!

  2. The 600 days will soon pass! I retire from work in a little over 3 weeks so Annie Domino has caught up with me. Love it :-)

  3. I thought it very strange when our dental hygienist with four children mentioned that his wife ( also a hygienist) is going back to work , but she is training as teacher. She believes it will be "easier" work. Hard to imagine.


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