Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Catching The Thread

Do you have a thread catcher? Quite often I sit watch TV with a small sewing task in my hands [providing it isn't a Russian programme where I have to concentrate on subtitles] I seem to generate lots of short lengths of trimmed thread. I attempt to pile them neatly on the coffee table, or drop them straight into the wpb. But it does not work - they drift round the bin, falling like confetti on the carpet, or catch on my clothes and travel round the house. When I saw these little "collapsible thread catchers" I decided they would be ideal for my purpose. Not just for sofa-sewing but for when I'm stitching on the train, or out and about anywhere.
They are also useful for holding a folding pair of scissors and a tiny spool of thread. They are little cylindrical buckets about 3"high and 3" in diameter, but flatten away when not in use [holding the thread inside for later disposal] Making one takes a small piece of fabric, some scrap card, a bit of wadding, thread... and a ring from a Pringles tube.
If you go to this site you will find an excellent tutorial, so I am not going to write my own here. I've made 3 now, and will leave one here at Cornerstones and take the other two back to Dorset. I think they'd make lovely little gifts for people who enjoy sewing "small projects"
I have done two other sewing tasks since we got here - mending a cotton tote bag for Liz, and altering a bridesmaid dress for my niece Lucy. That's been fun - there is amazing pleating on the bodice, and down the back it fastens with lacing which pulls into a neat fishtail. 
She's bridesmaid for her friend on Saturday - hope the weather will be kind... 


  1. What a good idea, my threads are always a nuisance to pick up.

  2. Cute idea! I think Dancer Kitty will have fun batting those things off the table, though! He does that with coasters, pens, etc., that I might place on any horizontal surface!

  3. That is a lovely idea. Useful for many purposes.x


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