Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Fine Dining

This was a new one for me - I've seen "buy a pizza, get a free bottle of Coke" on advertising flyers. But never "Pizza easily digestible without fizzy drink" before! Clearly this pizzeria in Elephant and Castle has an unusual USP. I've been puzzling over it since my return from London, and can only conclude that it's a sneaky way for them to actually offer less to the customer. We arrived safely at Cornerstones on Sunday evening - just in time for Bob to collapse in front of the TV and watch the Grand Prix highlights. Well done, Lewis! 
On our last trip, I made sure there was food in the freezer for an easy Sunday night supper. It had to be easy, I knew I'd be too exhausted to prepare fancy cuisine. I asked Bob for his choice of vegetables, but my befuddled brain jumbled the words... "Do you want Frozen Peas, or Brocketty Frolics this evening?" His answer is not repeatable here. But I'll definitely call them Brocketty Frolics now. 
Sainsbury's delivered our groceries at 7:15 Monday morning, and we enjoyed coffee, orange juice and freshly baked croissants for breakfast. Then I went back to bed and Bob cut the grass. So grateful for the opportunity to relax.
You can tell I'm very tired. I read Sue's blog yesterday about her produce in the Village Show. I misread it - and actually wondered why my friend was entering lidl cherry tomatoes instead of her own home-grown ones [which are, in fact, Ildi variety] Oops! Well done on all the richly deserved prizes, Sue


  1. Ang, you do sound a bit tired. Forget everything this week, except spending time witbob and relaxing.
    Brocketti frolics!!!!!

  2. Maybe you should have your brocketti frolics with mango chupney! :D


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