Tuesday 20 August 2019

Forty Fantastic Years And One Amazing Weekend

Saturday's party went incredibly well. Our actual anniversary is next Sunday but it was wonderful to celebrate back in Norfolk where we got married.
Today our holiday is over and we're leaving Cornerstones again. Once I get all the photos which were taken at the weekend, I will do a proper post. But here's Steph's pic of us slicing the cake...


  1. Congratulations, again, and wish you both all the best in the years to come! That's a lovely dress you are wearing.

  2. What a beautiful dress Ang, you look lovely, and you both look so very happy....married life clearly suits you!

  3. What a lovely summer dress - and you match your cake! :-) So glad to hear that you had a wonderful day and I'll look forward to seeing the photos.

  4. Many congratulations. Many blessings.


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