Sunday, 11 August 2019

Holiday Blessings

Cornerstones is so restful, we are having a wonderful time. This morning Bob and I will be leading the service at the little Chapel. Some might consider that a "Busman's Holiday" - but we are looking forward to worshipping with our friends. This a great place to be, and we are truly grateful... 


  1. Enjoy your rest and different worship setting!x

  2. I've meant to ask - is this your holiday hime? Where is "Cornerstones"? Just curious.

    1. Yes, Margie - we live in a house in Dorset which goes with the job and belongs to the church. In 2009 we started buying a small bungalow in Central Norfolk near where I grew up - so we have friends and family nearby. It's our holiday home for now - and one day will be our retirement home.

    2. Thank you - sounds like a lovely place and a good plan for the future.


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