Monday, 19 August 2019

Cutting Corners

Steph arrived for the weekend bring a new top she'd bought greatly reduced in a sale [that's my girl!] She's a real Gym-Bunny and the strappy style showed off her toned arms and shoulders beautifully. However, the "handkerchief hem" was not so satisfactory.
"I look as if I've tucked a big table napkin at my neck" she said. This was indeed true. Steph wanted me to somehow straighten the bottom edge.
We measured the length, and I cut it straight, made a narrow casing and put a tie through. It was still too baggy.
The final step was to sew the side seams, and we ended up with a simple but flattering top.
And a load of cut-corners


  1. That's great that you could cut corners and refashion the top, Angela. :)

  2. SUPER :-)) Greetings to you. Viola


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