Thursday, 8 August 2019

So-Fa So Good

It's truly wonderful being here at Cornerstones just relaxing. Yesterday we spent a bit of time assembling the new sofa bed. If you follow the instructions, IKEA stuff usually comes together quite efficiently.
Lay out all the components, read through the booklet, and work systematically, and there you are... 
We had a cup of tea, admired our handiwork, then went off to Norwich. 
The ramen noodles we had for lunch on one of the market stalls were particularly splendid. We had a good stroll round the city - but I'll blog about that later. 


  1. At one time Ikea instructions used to start with "Unpack the box. Check and identify the pieces. Have a cup of tea." before they told you how to assemble something. It always sounded like a good plan to me.

  2. We have the same sofa but with a different cover, living on a boat means we need a sofa that arrived in pieces.

  3. You did a good job assembling the sofa! My daughter is very good at following Ikea directions. She put together the family room sofas, and all the furniture in her bedroom. I just stare blankly at the diagrams; I need my instructions to be written out!

  4. Love the sofa and Bob's T shirt!! Have just finished reading The Spirit of Guinness. You might enjoy it - a history of brewers batons ministers and missionaries

  5. Thanks for the recommendation, I shall check it out (I think that should read 'bankers' not 'batons')

  6. Yup, I find IKEA fiddly but ok in the end. It looks good. Have a great rest.


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