Monday, 12 August 2019

Then And NOW

I keep forgetting to post the pictures from my trip to Liz and Steph on the weekend before Kids' Club. On the Saturday we visited the NOW Gallery in Greenwich. The current exhibition "My Opera House" is by an Argentinian artist called Kinska, who has a studio in Hackney. Last year, she had a ceramic hip replacement, and spent her time in bed working in her sketchbooks.
This installation "looks at healing, courage and play through imagination" and also acknowledges the medical staff who helped in the process. There is a little house filled with hundreds of hand made ceramic objects, many tear drops hanging from the ceiling, and sketchbooks and pens for visitors to contribute their thoughts.
Lz and I both found it fascinating - and Rosie was utterly enchanted. 
She loved the little glass case containing "Doctor's stuff" - pills, syringe, thermometer etc. She lay on the bench and marvelled at all the stickers on the ceiling. She kept pointing out new things she had noticed. We spent a long time looking and talking and working out the stories... Do check out the website for more information and pictures. 
There is a wealth of opportunity out there for children to explore and learn about the world around them. Admittedly Ro lives in London so has more "on her doorstep" than a child in mid Norfolk. But this gallery is free to enter and so pleasant - helpful staff, space to park the buggy, child friendly... 
After lunch we went to the Naval College and did some historical stuff. 
Greenwich [like Chelsea] had Pensioners... retired seaman could apply to live there
We had lots of fun dressing up in the replica costumes provided. We also saw a model of the bedrooms occupied by the pensioners - tiny, and tidy little cabins with room for few personal possessions. Rosie checked out the bed. She spotted the bird picture - correctly identifying it as a blue-footed booby. I had no idea what it was, but Liz says the BFB frequently appears on one of her CBeebies programmes.

What a lovely day we had together. I'm very proud of my family, and glad that Liz & Jon take time to find these good experiences to help Rosie to learn and develop. It's hard when you work full-time to fit in such activities, but Rosie is blessed with thoughtful, caring parents. She is such a cheerful, generous little character - chatty and charming. I'm sure she will grow up to be as wise and kind as her Mum and Dad. 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful outing! It's so nice to have child friendly galleries. I'm glad Rosie enjoyed exploring the space.

  2. I am sure that she will grow up to be a wonderful person! Your daughter has done a lot to raise a beautiful young lady in the true sense of the word so far!

  3. We have Grenwich on our to do list next time we go to London.There always seems to be loads to do and see.


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