Monday 26 August 2019

Where Am I?

We got back from holiday only a few days ago. But we realised that after Sunday Morning at Church, Bob will be free until Wednesday [today is a Bank Holiday, Tuesday is his day off] Two and a half unplanned days of freedom.
And although we gave away almost all our camping gear last month, we kept two sleeping bags and a double airbed. The airbed will fit into the back of the Skoda. I've packed very little - just clean undies, teeshirts and toothbrushes, and the car is ready to go. So I'm writing this post on Saturday evening not knowing where I will wake up this morning [but hoping it's inside the car, not outside in the field]. The forty-year-adventure continues...


  1. Have fun wherever you are! What an adventure!

  2. What a lovely thing to do! Although I'd quite like to sleep under the stars again.

  3. Lovely to have these unexpected adventures!

  4. That's great! Keep on with new adventures!

  5. How lovely and spontaneous!


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