Tuesday 27 August 2019

That's My Girl!"

When I got my wedding album down from the loft, an envelope of other photos fell out. One was me, with Liz in Brighton, August 1984 [it is written neatly in Mum's handwriting on the back] I was very pregnant with Steph - but Liz looks so much like Rosie does now. 35 years later, Bob took a-picture of me, this time with Rosie, in Norfolk. 


  1. Goodness - what a likeness. Amazing

  2. Oh, Rosie does look so much like Liz! Love the red pinafore Liz is wearing! You look beautiful in both pictures! :)

  3. My gosh! The resemblance is amazing! How lovely that you have two pictures which are so similar.

  4. I love looking for family resemblance in photos. Everyone says that my younger granddaughter looks like me and I have ven get a glimpse of it myself at times. My youngest grandson is just like my cousin's youngest grandson. Fascinating.


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