Sunday, 4 August 2019

THINK Before You Speak

Despite the busyness of the last few days, I took a few moments to do some cardmaking this past week. I've recently picked up 2 secondhand dies for my BigShot diecut machine. 
I had some plain purple card blanks, so I made this one with a typewriter on for my Aunt.
She was a secretary from 1943 - 1988 - starting with the old fashioned manual typewriters, and finally becoming an audio typist using electric models. She was Very Fast, I cannot remember her WPM score [words per minute] but it was impressive.
I thought I'd write her a proper note next week whilst I'm relaxing on holiday, and I am sure she'll appreciate the picture.
My second die is a rather intricate house design. This is a Welcome To Your New Home card for a blog friend who is moving a long way south - and will be living almost round the corner. I am so looking forward to getting together in person for coffee and chats.
These are not over embellished cards- I like to keep things simple and let the intricacy of the die be the main feature.
A chatty note will cheer my housebound Aunt, and the House card will welcome my friend who is moving in whilst I am away on holiday.
A few kind words - whether written, typed or spoken can be a real encouragement to someone, wouldn't you agree?
But the emphasis must be on kind. We should always think before we speak. The acronym may be trite, but it is still wise - are the words I am about to say

  • True
  • Helpful
  • Inspiring
  • Necessary
  • Kind

Because if they aren't, then maybe I shouldn't be saying them.


  1. I think 'honesty' should be added to your list too!I was an audio-typist in my past life and earned a respectable 140wpm in my typing proficiency exams while working for the Civil Service and the legacy of tinnitus in both ears which has precipitated the need for two hearing aids, both of which have a 10 week waiting list. I love your cards and the sentiments behind them.

    1. Tinnitus is horrible. I hope the hearing aids arrive soon.

  2. I have definitely been thinking about "Thinking before I speak" these past two days. I was a little upset about some teenagers who I always smile at who blank me (even though they are well brought up) and then I heard one of them saying that "She really scares me," which seemed to be about me. I was taken aback and later on was talking to someone and talked about "cliquey teenagers" and how I can't stand how some people never smile back and blank you and how I would never do that and I think they may have heard. I am regretting saying it now.
    Hope Auntie Peggy likes her card!x

    1. Thank you Kezzie. She still speaks of you, and your kindness in visiting her in hospital on my behalf.


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