Wednesday 28 August 2019

Celebration Pictures- Part 2

We were told that there would be a bring-and-share lunch after Church on Sunday. We hadn't quite reckoned on the scale of it! Our friends at church were utterly amazing, helping us celebrate our Anniversary. At the start of the service, we were presented with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. The worship group had been practising for days and the music was glorious. [it is usually good, but this was really special]
Afterwards, we went through to the church hall, where there was an absolute banquet laid out - Steve, one of our deacons, had been Project Manager for the event [with his wonderful wife Carol] A great choice of food - plus our happiness was toasted [in sparkling red grape juice] - and there was yet another cake. We received a large card, signed by dozens of friends.
It was quite overwhelming to be surrounded by so much love. At least two visitors to the morning service were invited to join the feast, and spoke of the wonderful welcome they'd received. 
Yes I wore my red dress again, and yes there was, of course, more cake - decorated by my friend Jill, and served on a pink, heart shaped board. Thank you, my dear kind friends 
I must post one final celebration picture. Despite the "We aren't going to give each other gifts" Bob decided to buy me something anyway. Gorgeous ruby and silver "day and night" ear-rings. He gave them to me in Norfolk, knowing I would be wearing my ruby dress. I love them!


  1. What a wonderful celebration! Your new earrings are lovely!

  2. How lovely!!! So lovely to celebrate with friends and what a lovely present from Bob! X

  3. Beautiful earrings, a perfect choice. How warming to be surrounded by such affection, such a lovely Church.

  4. What wonderful friends! And I do love those earrings - your husband has very good taste!


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