Saturday, 10 August 2019

Cod Moving In A Mysterious Way

We saw a notice in Dereham Library saying "Printmaking Workshop for adults and children. No need to book" So we went along, and spent 90minutes having enormous fun learning to do lino cutting.
We chose from a stack of images [Bob had a hare, I has a fish, and two others opted for owl and mermaid] We transferred the image to the lino with carbon paper, then began carving out our designs. That was harder than it looks.
Basically you cut away anything you do not want to be inked. It seemed to take ages. Bob had prepared his hare and got to the inking stage and I was still carving away at fish scales...
Finally it was all done. Our tutor was very encouraging, and helped us print onto paper and card. 
We got to keep our lino rectangles. 
Here is some of Bob's work - the original black and white image he copied, and below it the link block. To the right, a print of his hare in brown ink on blue card.
Clearly you can see the hare in the moonlight. 
My fish was OK. I think I should have had more waves around it. And his open mouth gives him a surprised expression. But I'm happy with my first attempt at a new craft and would like to do it again sometime.
Thank you to the staff at Dereham Library for arranging such a fun event. It was a shame that so few turned up. 


  1. You both did great with your print making! Sounds like a fun activity!

  2. I remember doing lino cuts in the 6th form at school. It does take time and affort!

  3. I think they are both beautiful! You bring back excited memories from school art lessons! I can still feel the cut of the lino and the worry about the lines!

  4. How lovely!!! They look really good! I'd like to do this too!x

  5. Libraries are such great places to spend the day and they go all out to get people through the doors, with the advent of more and more technology taking people away from 'real books'. Maybe the event wasn't so widely advertised if so few people turned up. I love both attempts though and your fish looks definitely sea-worthy!Well done, Ang and Bob.


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