Friday, 16 August 2019


Warning: I am about to rant! We purchased Cornerstones in 2009, and by the grace of God we paid off the mortgage early and it is ours now! [maybe in retirement I'll write a book about all that] Our bungalow is towards the end of a little close, and there is a footpath which leads back to the main road. It is only a short walk through there to the bus stop, postbox, and the doctors surgery/pharmacy.
In ten years we've got to know the folk in the neighbouring 10 bungalows. They've been very kind, watching our place when it's unoccupied. They let us know when the fence blew over, when the binmen's lorry knocked down the wall, when the security light malfunctioned etc. They've all had an invite to our party tomorrow. 
Most of them were already retired when we first came, and are now quite elderly. Many walk with zimmer frames and sticks, one is currently struggling post-op with crutches. The youngest school-age resident of the close is learning to operate her electric wheelchair. All of these folk with disabilities on the opposite side of the close. 
We don't really know the people whose bungalows line the little footpath. They have a block of garages behind their properties, and there's a turning circle at the end of the close, where they can park. But the residents there seem to change frequently, and they have lots of cars. Our immediate neighbours have just moved out. They could not cope with the current parking issues, frequently finding their car was blocked in when they needed to get to work. 
But what has saddened me this week is one specific vehicle
Every day this Skoda has parked on the pavement, blocking the path. I've watched my friends being forced to cross the road in order to get past the obstruction. As you can see, there is a clear parking space at the end where he could go. 
The lady whose home is behind that fence has asked him to move, but to no avail. The cash-strapped council are apparently not good at enforcing regulations.
I suspect a polite note under the screen would be just ignored and discarded.But it does seem to be a very un-neighbourly attitude. I like these cards which they have up in the North West, we could do with some here! 
I know we have too many cars in the UK , I know parking is difficult - but please remember those with mobility issues, the visually impaired, and those pushing baby buggies. They need safe pavement space! 


  1. Twice in our moving life we lived at the end of a close - always disagreements with parking.
    I wonder why this person feels the need to be up on the path? Where do they go when they park there?

  2. It's often the case that the people with garages don't park their cars there because they've filled the space with overspill from their homes. Such a waste when space is at a premium. Paying off a mortgage within 10 years??Wow! That's some going.

  3. This is the exact reason I insisted on a property with either a designated parking space or a drive when we moved. Such a small thing but can cause so many problems.

  4. It is more than annoying, plain thoughtless. How do people with electric scooters or wheelchairs get past? I think the council need to take a firm line.

  5. PS I cant believe it is 10 years since you bought the house! I remember how excited you were. Where do the years go?

    1. I am still excited, every time I think about it. The way it has all come about is truly amazing grace.

  6. How thoughtless! I walk with the aid of a cane and often find this happens around town - there will be a NO Parking sign for the road so for some reason they think this means it's OK to park on the sidewalk! Idiots! I have whacked bumpers with my cane on more than one occasion and if threatened I tell them to go ahead a call the police - it's never happened since they know that they are the ones who would be fined.
    Any chance of getting all the neighbours organized one day - perhaps when you know when the driver might be leaving for work etc. and all of them surround the car so it can't be moved? If he/she rents their home then the owner could be liable if anyone is injured by having to use the road - perhaps this should be pointed out.

  7. Some people tend to be very thoughtless of others. I've had quite a few issues with some of my neighbors parking their vehicles in a manner that block my driveway. They've got better after I took photos of the vehicles and showed them to the lady of the house and complained. Elsewhere around the city, the pavements are blocked by homeless encampments and that is a situation no one seems to know how to handle. :(

  8. You go girl! People park outside our place waiting for their treasures to come out of the church kindergarten - and we find plastic bottle, glass and other rubbish just thrown onto our grass verge - and this is meant to be a good suburb! So thoughtless - who do they think cleans it up - the pixies?? Cheers


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