Sunday 3 December 2023

Advent Sunday 1

The first advent candle represents HOPE

We light this candle 
Amidst a world of uncertainty 
A world of unexpected outcomes 
And ways forward that are unclear. 

A fragile flame burns 
That could be extinguished at any moment 
A flickering testimony that there has always been light 
Since the day your voice declared that it should be. 

So in this world where kingdoms rise and fall 
Where rulers posture in their temporary squabbles of state and empire 
Where the weakest pay the price for the follies of the powerful ...

The word of the Lord endures for ever. 

Words that promised Messiah’s coming 
Words fulfilled amidst the chaos of human circumstance 
Words of hope, words of life, words of promise 
Words that will last for all of eternity.


  1. Hope is what keeps us going forward, isn't it?

  2. Been following your blog on a daily basis since you left Ferndown. Your blog is informative, instructive and often entertaining with hope at it's core. It gives me daily cause for thought. The ministry of Bob and yourself with us in Dorset will long be fondly remembered.
    Thank you for the daily Christian messages that you send to your blog followers.

    1. Dear Ron, so lovely to hear from you! Great memories of our time with you in Ferndown. Hoping you have a truly happy and blessed Christmas!

  3. Jesus - the light in the darkness and hope for the world x
    Alison in Wales x

  4. We sing this Advent litany on the first Sunday of Advent each year.,vid:Tprf4CfkG_g,st:0

  5. As Peace Poles the world over say: "May peace prevail on Earth" and on each pole, it's written in the launguage of the place where it stands as well as in 6 other languages.

    Amen, indeed.


  6. The Light will always triumph!

  7. Beautiful words Ang. I presume they are your own. Hope is what sustains us! Kx

    1. I should have acknowledge the source- Baptist Union Advent Prayer Resource pack from 2016


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