Tuesday 26 December 2023

Colourful Christmastime

On Saturday Liz and I made a quick trip into Dereham for essentials [bread, nappies and library books] and remarked to each other that the sunset was lovely. "Like the Pantone blue and pink of a few years back" I said. "Not fuzzy peach, then" she replied. Then she showed me this spoof alternative colour for Pantone 2024. 

"Colour specialist Pantone has announced Italian Beef as its 2024 colour of the year, a tender brown hue that was chosen to express a yearning for community and cosiness during uncertain times."

Clearly, I am not alone in feeling this stuff is a load of pretentious twaddle. Now switch off your PC and go and have a good Boxing Day!
Thank you Bushlady for sending me a link to an interesting article about the popularity of red and green at Christmastime. [Here] The Norfolk church mentioned is just a few miles from here. 


  1. That was an interesting article! Thank you for sharing it!

  2. How interesting and I have one of those Ocke Santas that my mother cut from a box when I was a child.


  3. I thought that you might be familiar with the church in the article!
    Somehow "Italian Beef" doesn't evoke a pleasant colour for me. What will be next, "Rice Pudding" or "Brussels Sprouts"?


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