Saturday, 10 December 2011

Angels Bending Near The Earth

In case you were wondering, these…


Combined with the aid of a hot-glue-gun, became these…



Stick a loop of gold thread inside the top of a rigatoni tube.[body]

Then stick a small bead, or a mint imperial sweet, on top of that.[head]

Apply glue to the head, and ‘dunk’ it into a shot glass of couscous [hair]

Now stick a farfalle bow on the back [wings]

And two bits of elbow macaroni on the sides [arms]

And there you have your angel

Here’s some with Imperial Heads!!


And if ‘au naturel’ doesn’t suit, then a Man With A Can may come in and spray them gold for you [thanks Bob!]


I made a whole heavenly host of these for yesterday’s School Christmas Fair. Then sold just four.

Mind you, nobody was selling anything much. The only stalls which were busy were the Raffle, the Chocolate Tombola, and the Rector’s Water Into Wine Tombola. Even the cake stall had heaps of stock left.

Bob thinks it is symptomatic of the attitude of many people today – they would rather risk their money on the chance of a big prize than spend it on a certain, but smaller item. He blames the Lottery. I suspect he is right.

I felt sorry for the woman who had carried dozens of pot plants in, and covered two large tables – she only sold four plants in total – at least I did a little better than that with my crafty bits!

However, I shall hang my unsold seraphs among my other decorations at home – I think they are cute. Thank you to Lakota for posting about these ornaments. I really enjoyed making mine!

Here is Lakota’s wonderful angel [bearing a tree]…

lakotas angel


  1. A brilliant idea! Wish I was working with children again, it would be fun to make these.

  2. Wow! They are so cute and so effective. Lovely!

  3. thats brilliant i have never seen this before. beautiful Angels

  4. Those are lovely Angela. How sad that the stalls with homemade gifts and plants for sale didn't do very well.Clearly not everyone is of the same mindset as us more thrifty folk. I would rather spend my money on something tangible, than 'take a chance'.

  5. Wow! Pasta angels! You're so clever!

  6. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great! Glad someone else has seen the wonder of the pasta angel ;-)

  8. PS. I'm intrigued by the 'Water into Wine' stall - not surprised it was busy!

  9. The Water-Into-Wine - he had a load of bottles under paper bags. People paid £1 and chose a bag. The bottle underneath was revealed - to be either a NEW bottle of wine, or an old one, refilled with tap water.
    I said I thought a 'proper' vicar ought to be able to change them ALL into wine! And no, I did NOT waste my £1 on trying to win anything.

    Too poor, too thrifty, and too sensible!


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