Tuesday 20 December 2011

Down The Pub Again!

sing xmas

Sarah at the Royal Oak was our hostess for this Churches Together Event – an Interactive Carol Service with BBC Radio Leicester on Monday night.

It was great fun – over 70 people and some good singing.

The carols we sang were apparently the Top Ten in a Poll in the Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester. But somehow I do not think that those who voted had expected these modernised versions of the words! [For example, “Born to raise us from the earth” sounds more like growing potatoes on your allotment]

As usual Sue organised the event and Bob, Paul and Mike did the techie stuff. And over £60 was raised for charity.


  1. Wonder why the lyrics have been changed?

    The children are singing Away in a Manger on Christmas Day, the version our church is using is different, instead of 'fit us for heaven' they sing 'take us to heaven'. Lol, the meaning is totally different.

  2. Now that IS strange - sounds like they want to be raptured immediately!


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