Sunday, 4 December 2011

Blackpool, Watch Out!

Morning Service, home for lunch, then out to distribute the Churches Together Christmas Cards round the nearby estate. Cold and beginning to rain. Home for quick cup of tea.

Then we went down to the Village Hall at 3.45 armed with the PA gear [wearing my jester hat and red pixie boots in vain attempt to feel warm and Christmassy] Rain really quite heavy. Here’s a blurred photo of Bob waiting alone under the marquee for 4pm.


Apparently there were people in the Council Rooms inside the Village Hall, waiting for The Big Event to start.

Bob went inside briefly while I guarded the sound system.

An unusually dressed man then walked across the Car Park.



“Excuse me, why are you dressed like that?” I said “For Bacchanalia in the Village Hall” he replied, without batting a blue eyelid. He didn’t enquire about my hat-with-bells-on or my red pixie boots.

It appears there was also a Folk Festival going on [wow, our village is full of festive goings-on right now!] But more people turned up and then at 4.05 Councillor Parsons, and his wife [also Councillor Parsons] “Switched on” the lights.

There was no switch, we all had to do a 10-9-8…countdown. Sorry, I forgot to take photos of Mr & Mrs P talking into Bob’s mic.

Here’s some of the crowd [that’s my mate Rachel in the blue jacket]


The lights came on, lighting the two trees either side of the War Memorial. We all clapped.


Then people went inside again for mince pies and mulled wine [except apparently the heater wasn’t working, so the pies and wine were cold!] Bob and I declined, and went back up to Main Street.

Bad photos, taken in the rain, of the official Village Lights – which Councillor Parsons says he is confident will draw the crowds to KM in a similar way to Blackpool. [If I had thought of it at the time, I’d have heckled “No it won’t - our village has no fish’n’chip shop!!”]


The blue lights have a white snowflake, and the white lights have a gold star. But on the flat roof of KMFC we have…



I think these are fabulous! Thank you again to Heather and Silent Lights for your efficient despatch of these – and to Bob and David for your installation work done to at the highest level.


  1. Don't worry, Angela, en route to see the KM decorations people will get their fish'n chips from Ratby!
    Jane x

  2. Not quite Blackpool but looking good. I will see them "in the flesh" on Tuesday hopefully.

  3. That looks very attractive Ang, so much nicer than the Blackpool lights!

  4. Just beautiful!!


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