Saturday 24 December 2011

Christmas Crib

This word has many definitions

  1. [noun] a manger or cattle trough
  2. [noun] a child’s bed
  3. [noun, slang] home, place of residence
  4. [verb] to borrow someone else’s ideas

So here are two cribs I have cribbed from the blogs this week!

First up, from Not So Granny, in East Anglia

knitted- not so granny

This is the ‘Posada’ nativity scene which travels round their village. This idea is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and it is all explained on NSGs blog. Do you have Posadas in your town?

Secondly, from Thrifty Household – her ‘Urban Nativity’

thrifty household bookshelf

I love the idea of displaying the figures on the bookshelf. Look at the big picture and see her clever positioning of the characters.

nativity on bookshelf

  • Angels, as you would expect, are ‘on high’
  • Wise men are standing next to dictionaries
  • Shepherds are by food and cookery books

My only reservation is Joseph standing next to ‘How Clean Is Your House?’ I daren’t think what Kim and Aggie would have said about Mary giving birth in a stable!

But having these figures in the middle of your home, among the quotidian objects and the books that define you and your life is a brilliant idea. It is a reminder of Immanuel, God With Us - that Jesus came down to be with us, where we are, and we can experience His grace in the everyday things.

My neighbour Claire has had her kitchen remodelled this year. She said to me a few weeks back that the space where they always put their crib is no there any more. “Where will we put it? We can’t have Christmas without Jesus!” I said to the family she told me

“Can I quote you on that?” I replied

Where are YOU putting Jesus in YOUR Christmas this year?

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  1. Love the idea of placing the different figures in appropriate places...but the final quote from your friend is wonderful.


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