Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Boxes

Yesterday was Bob’s last proper ‘day off’ for 3 weeks. We went over to Ashby-de-la-Zouch in the morning, to wander the charity shops, and visit the factory shop at Soap Factory [closing next month] Not many bargains to be had today though. Then I did some serious fridge cleaning- and made a huge casserole with the veg and sausages I found there!

Last night Bob helped me fetch all the boxes down from the loft [and he fixed a loose cable in the lounge and vacuumed the carpet too] so that I can get the decorations up this week.


DSCF2826I have, as usual, purchased a new ornament for this year. My annual ornament has generally been ‘from the family holiday’ – but this is from my trip to Belfast last month. A very special memento of a fabulous weekend – not only does it represent Christmas Joy – but also, the time with Mags and co was full of joy and laughter, and when I spoke at her church, my theme was ‘Joy’ too.

I have been busy with the Brasso too, polishing great-grandma’s lamp – in the corner of the dining room behind the Christmas Cake.


pepsi maxThis afternoon we have our Ladies’ Fellowship Carol Service, and once that has happened, the roller-coaster that is our Church Christmas Calendar will really begin to pick up speed! The first full week of Advent and GITP is feels like the slow climb to the top – and from here on in, it will be just whooosh! till I sit down for Christmas Lunch on December 25th! 


  1. love the new ornament. Am hoping to get to church after I have my cast of and I can drive.


  2. I love the ornament...I'd be tempted to wear it as a necklace.
    Jane x

  3. I can imagine that life will be pretty non-stop for you both in the coming weeks. I'll be praying for lots of extra strength/energy for you.

  4. Love the cake and ornament. Pray for energy!

  5. Lovely ornament, and I agree with others your busiest time of year for sure - love and hugs x

  6. Nice lamp, nice cake, but *fabulous* Mamod engine there! Do you ever steam her?


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