Wednesday 21 December 2011

Only In Norfolk!

I was greatly amused by this article on the BBC news website last week. The UK’s shortest double-yellow-lines have just been painted by the Alexandra Tavern in Norwich. Here’s landlord Tony Little with his tape measure.


The 17” [41cm] lines were laid down in the city's Stafford Street to distinguish a permit parking zone from a two-hour limit bay which all drivers can use. "I've no idea what kind of vehicle you'd put on there," said Tony “what sort of vehicle could get a ticket on such a short double yellow line?”

I think I have worked out who this restriction is for – according to the Eastern Daily Press, there is increasing popularity among local farmers for owning one of these…

norfolk segway

norfolk segway 2

Obviously the police and traffic wardens are concerned that these affluent agriculturalists will be popping into the city for some last minute Christmas Shopping. And as the Singing Postman used to remind us “You’ll never see a farmer on a bike!”

what about some pictures then??

No doubt if anyone does park their Segway by the pub, they will be apprehended by this officer of the law…


Her Majesty, however, has chosen to travel to Norfolk by train this Christmas, according to yesterday’s EDP. Here she is arriving at King’s Lynn station on the 12.24 from London [which got in four minutes late!] The Queen bought a £47.20 First Class Any Time Single ticket for the 100-mile journey. “She buys all of her tickets personally,” one source said. “She pre-books. And all of her security have them as well.”

First Capital Connect, which runs trains between London King’s Cross and King’s Lynn, said apart from her own compartment, no special arrangements were made. “It’s the same service for everyone else,” a spokesman said. “All our customers are treated exactly the same.”

Do you think our 85 year old monarch has a Senior Citizen’s Railcard?

queen kings lynn station

I shall be in Norfolk myself next week – she’s always welcome to pop over to Cornerstones for a cuppa!

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  1. I quite often used to see famous people on the train when I lived in the UK, but never HRH. Do you think she gets her ticket checked?
    Jane x


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