Thursday, 1 December 2011

Clutching At Straws

Why didn’t this occur to me before? Isn’t it strange how you can see an idea, and implement it within minutes – then feel ridiculously pleased with it for ages afterwards? I have quite a lot of straws in the garage – some get used for craft purposes, others for the A-bar Alcohol-free events, others just for regular drinking purposes. And they come in flimsy plastic boxes like this…

box of bendy ones

…and the boxes split, and their lids get broken and mislaid. In fact one of my boxes had a makeshift lid – a piece of clingfilm stuck down with gaffer tape [we stick most things down with gaffer tape round here!]

I had to go into Leicester this morning, and saw a shop selling drinking straws in pretty tins. And I thought “Why on earth didn’t I think of that? I have empty tins I could repurpose!”


I put my longer ‘bendy’ straws into this pretty cuboid tin [originally held Cadbury’s Finger Biscuits, I think] Then I looked at my thinner, shorter, blue straws. I had some tins from those ‘cigarette biscuits’ [I get these from the PoundShop]


I liked the blue and black tin, and took two rectangles of self adhesive holographic paper, plus a circle for the lid. I just put the paper over the text, leaving the design showing. And I wrote “Straws” on the lid, with a Sharpie, in case I forget!


Now doesn’t that look good? and why would you want to spend £6 on a tin when you can make your own storage container? The whole project took less than 5 minutes. I may fix myself a drink now…


  1. Great idea Angela. How satisfying.

    Sft x

  2. Great idea! I have my straws in their plastic wrapper and half the time they flop out. I need a straw keeper now. Good idea!

  3. You deserve a drink, my dear! I love repurposing for storage purposes, don't you?



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