Friday, 2 December 2011

“Get In The Picture” On Friday

It was COLD, though not quite as cold as last year [and mercifully there was no ice to slip on like in 2010]

Our first ‘customer’ was Craig the Village Postman


We had put our ‘Holy Family at the top of the Car Park, under the pub sign. You can just see the gazebos where we did the photography in the second picture


The Playgroup staff came along again [thank you Sarah, for lending us the P/G manger and Baby Jesus!]


Bob, along with Tom the Rector, drummed up custom outside the shops


Janet, Marilyn and Jan – three very Wise Women from our church.


Here’s Maisie – back from her 93rd birthday celebration lunch, along with daughter Christine, son Ken, and DIL Gwen. [Gwen and Ken are the parents of my friend Elizabeth, currently teaching in India – and they also lent us 2 of the gazebos!]


Bob with Helen – who has many years of farming experience [and was a Land Army girl in WW2]


Just after lunch, a car pulled into the car park and parked right next to our gazebos. I thought it might be my Christmas Gift from Bob…


…I’ve always fancied a Lotus!

Sadly, it wasn’t for me – but then, as I packed up to come home, I realised that my little blue car is much more appropriate for the sort of life I lead.


I have now been home an hour, I am at last warmed up and the feeling has come back into my toes. Two pairs of socks tomorrow, I think. And Bob’s going out to buy fish and chips for supper tonight.

For the next 4 weeks, you can see all of today’s pictures if you click here. Thanks again to Chris Duffett for the inspiration for GITP!


  1. How wonderful, I bet you were glad for the lack of snow.

  2. How lovely! I recognised faces and places!!
    Jane x

  3. LOVING this, have emailed link to all prefessional Christians I know- 3. I think we'll come join your church for our next attempt at Christian community- you have it all "wrapped up"!

  4. Thanks for the photos Ang, good to see Nana and Aunty Chris looking well. No suprise that Aunty Helen chose to be a shepherd! I'm glad you had one good day weather wise, shame about the wind on Saturday.


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