Saturday 17 December 2011

Christmas Baptist Cluster Breakfast

No. this isn’t a new cereal! Every so often, we get together with the other local Baptist Churches in our ‘cluster’ for a breakfast, and an opportunity to share ideas, and pray for each other. This morning it was our turn to ‘host’

Val came down with Bob and me last night, to set up the tables and then this morning at 8.30am, we served around 30 people with cereal, bacon rolls, fruit juice, tea and coffee.

The first two car loads arrived a little early.


Bob did the cooking. The bacon rolls were well received! Duane our Police Community Support Officer looked in, and had some food too [as he usually does!]

It is amazing how a bit of tinsel, a candle and some greenery can instantly make a table setting look festive!


Val, Jan and Paul  [three of our incredibly hardworking deacons] did all the clearing up with me, whilst the rest of the company went off to another room to talk and pray. Everything tidied away, we wnt and joined the prayer group. [Thanks V,J,P!!]


It was really encouraging to hear stories of God’s goodness in our corner of the county. We all wished each other a happy Christmas, and came home by 10am.

More preparations for Christmas services etc. still to be done. Bob taking Lemsip and hoping his cold doesn’t develop and further. Tomorrow is going to be very busy and quite exciting I think.

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