Monday 26 December 2011

Tu-Whit, Tu-Whoo, To-Warm

Liz said she would like a Hot Water Bottle at Christmas - with a handmade cover, please. I bought a good quality bottle in Boots [My Cornerstones Poundshop Bottle leaked – not making that error again!]


She likes owls, and they seemed a suitably nocturnal motif. I worked out a pattern on the PC using simple shapes.


I cut them out of three different red fabrics, and some grey tape [all previously backed with Bondaweb] and ironed them onto a beige oval


I stitched detail using various fancy stitches


Then I ironed the oval [also with Bondaweb] onto the red fleece fabric, and blanket stitched the edge on the machine.


Finally I assembled the hwb cover. The other side has an overlapping centre slit to allow you to get the bottle in and out. Warm and cuddly!


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