Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Fridge Freshness

I saw this idea on somebody’s blog ages ago, but felt I ought to try it out before passing it on [and my apologies, I cannot find the original post – but whoever you are out there, thanks for the tip!]

It was simply this …

…put a thin kitchen sponge in the bottom of your veg box in the fridge and it will keep the produce fresher for longer.


These are from a packet of IKEA ones I purchased ages ago,

and had not used. Every few weeks I wash them, and replace them when they are dry. It does seem to have given my carrots and lettuce a little extra ‘shelf life’. Presumably they absorb the moisture. They are certainly much cheaper than these stayfresh bags from Lakeland [which also work well, I am told]

lakeland fridge storage bags

On the subject of fridges – does anyone else get irritated by TV cooks whose fridges are large enough to hold their mother-in-law, yet have very little in them? [I know, it’s all done by food stylists for the purposes of the programme, but nevertheless…]

nigella fridgeI checked up on the one shown in Nigella’s kitchen. It is a Meneghini La Ghiacciaia Cream Refrigerator  and costs from £7997 [delivery extra]

I guess if I had paid that much for a fridge, I might go down at midnight to check its contents like she does.nigella fridge 2 

nigella fridge 3

There is nowhere in my kitchen to put a fridge that big anyway!


  1. Great idea Ang I'll give it a try sometime. I do have some of the lakeland stay fresh bags and they do work well; however I keep re-using them so I'm getting my moneies worth!

  2. My kitchen is very small, my budget smaller, hence my fridge tiny. I have been smirking all morning imagining myself trying to cram my mother in law into it! It is an image that is slow to leave me :)
    Thanks Ang - I can always count on you!
    Lynn. x.
    PS I love my Mother in law dearly.

  3. That is a very big fridge!

    Thanks for the sponge tip. :)

  4. I use the sponge tip...I can't remember where I saw it either but it does seem to work.

    I do have some of the Lakeland bags but they are now redundant thanks to my little 10p sponge!!

    Sue xx

  5. great tip but I am a bit the sponge dry or damp when you put it in?

    I do have a huge fridge but it's always full and it was a cheap AAA rated one from an online shop.................i wouldn't be without it, and the matching freezer. That said i never sneak down in the middle of the night in my satin PJs to eat food seductively with my fingers from it!


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