Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I’ve Heard Of ‘Pigs In Blankets’ But..

…this is ridiculous. Bob mentioned this particularly bizarre Nativity Scene when he spoke at our Ladies Fellowship Carol Service this afternoon. He’d found it online earlier today – but as he pointed out, Jesus was born into a Jewish family, so they would not have eaten pig meat anyway.


The caption says

The traditional manger has a meaty makeover – Mary and Joseph are sausages cloaked in turkey cold cuts, the Three Weiner Wise Guys sport tin foil crowns, and Jesus is a mini chipolata. And the baby will be warm – this Bethle-HAM is set to 350°


  1. LOL!! What can I say!? LOL

  2. Floss, I think that should read um, hmm, ham !

  3. Weird!! I much prefer the lights on the church. They are really lovely.

  4. Wow, in the UK, even your manger scenes have sausage! You guys really know how to live!



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