Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Sewing Club Tree Trimming Party

Great fun was had by all.

The Pastor was on his knees again – this time pasting up the big Christmas poster [no the dates are not wrong- that is last year’s one being covered up]


Grace watched intently, whilst Victoria set up the crib scene and Hannah did the high bits on the tree [and Susan put the kettle on]



We’re renaming Melchior– he is now King Charles the FirstDSCF2841

The stable [minus one king] all done


And the tree is resplendent


After all our efforts, we retired to the Hall for hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Meanwhile, outside…

The lights on the roof have been greatly admired.

The lead on the roof, however, has been nicked, sometime last night. All very frustrating, and we have water coming in.

That’s three trees I have trimmed in 10 days.

Not planning to do any more this year!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the lead being stolen. It has been on the local news quite recently about how many churches in our area have been affected.
    The tree and stable look lovely. Do you have some contact adhesive to repair Melchior? I used it last week to repair my kitchen hen and I much preferred it to superglue. The hen survived the move intact and then I dropped it down the stairs as I brought it down from the attic!

  2. Any chance of catching the thieves?
    Jane x

  3. Don't risk superglue...I narrowly avoided having my fingers stuck firmly to each other this week. Realised in time what was happening!
    How shocking to hear about the lead, from what we see on the Television it is a horribly common occerrence now. so sad.

  4. No news on the theft - I guess the police are waiting for a...umm...lead.

    Bob has safely re-attached Melchior's head with some B&Q adhesive.

  5. See, all the best people are in kneeling places this week. Let's hope the lead beneficiaries fall to theirs in repentance soon... Have been explaining to ElizabethD that my innkeeper is refusing last year's innkeeper costume. So killjoys are everywhere!

  6. You know you can get non-drying paint? I wonder if it would work on lead???
    Sorry to hear about the lead theft, along with copper theft, it sickens me to think that these rotten b's resort to such theft.
    Do you think they went up for the decorations and spotted the lead because it was illuminated?

    Hope your insurance covers it. Can you get something else like Zinc instead?

    Sandie xx

  7. King Charles the First--too funny!


  8. Oh I thought I had commented, but it seems to have gone the way of your lead. Not good! Beautiful trimming!

  9. Glad to hear Melchior found his head again!
    The tree is beautiful!

  10. Sorry to hear about the lead. Tree and stable look lovely though.


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