Friday, 23 December 2011

Dogged Determination

Liz works as a Volunteer at Battersea every Sunday afternoon. She emailed me recently and asked if I could knit her one of these…


They are selling the knitting pattern for the Staffies as a fund-raiser. I bought a pattern. Then decided that I could not afford all that Rowan wool, and bought a cheaper alternative in Button Boutique, and set to work with the needles.

DSCF2968I thought the pattern was quite difficult. The head was knitted all in one piece, and the shaping done with increasing and decreasing stitches. It was hard to tell if it was going right. But I pressed on regardless.


When I started sewing it together, Bob suggested it looked more like a lemming than a Staffordshire Terrier. I felt that remark was a little uncalled for. Sewing up was also complex and involved pipecleaners. This is definitely not a child#’s toy. But It came together in the end.


Oops! forgot the collar, final result is here…


Liz promptly took photos and tweeted them to Battersea! I do not think I have got his eyes and mouth right though. I may try knitting another one sometime. Do go to the website and check it out!


  1. I know that Liz will take care of the puppy...after all a dog is for always not just for Christmas!
    Jane xx

  2. I think YOU can make ANYTHING, Angela! Wow! Bob's remarks are pretty funny!
    I've seen patterns for knitting so many complicated little things. I confess I bought a book called Knit the Royal Wedding (or something similar).


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