Thursday 29 December 2011

The Tree Trail

On Wednesday we went into Norwich and tried out the Tree Art Trail [details here] We walked a clockwise route from the Bus Station, up to the three by Jarrolds and back down to Aviva.

We saw 11 of the 21 trees. Various artists had been given identical wooden blanks to decorate, and different businesses and shops round the city had agreed to sponsor and display a tree.


To be honest, we were a little disappointed –some of the trees looked as if the artist had spent 20 minutes with a can of paint and a further 5 with a stamp and ink pad. I photographed the first one we saw – in Wilkinson's store. The green background is a print of Brussels sprouts, and other decorations were decoupaged on top.

The next two were exceedingly dull [one just red, with a few red baubles on it. The other was plain cream with one red chain wrapped round it] My favourite was this one in the Theatre Royal, painted rather like a totem pole, with a stack of animals. A lot of work has gone into this one.


The one in the Leeds Building Society [below] was decorated with birds. I was amused that they had to remove a ceiling panel to fit it in the shop. The Leeds display was the best in terms of involvement. They had a colouring competition – children could take away their own tree picture to colour in, and were also given a pencil or balloon.The one in Jarrolds Children’s book department was covered in Christmas wrapping paper. I think the white top was meant to suggest snow – but it made it look ‘unfinished’ somehow.


By every tree was a white wooden box – and a stamp [on a chain] so you could stamp your passport. After collecting ten stamps the passport went into the box to go into the prize draw. However some kind soul had nicked the stamp at the Royal Arcade tree!

The lady in the Aviva building [formerly Norwich Union] said they were quite upset that their tree was just a white thing with a few grey feathers stencils on it – it looked quite out of place in the fabulous marble atrium!

aviva atrium

However Bob and I agreed it made for an interesting walk round the city on a damp day! I hardly bought anything in the sales – just two books in Jarrolds,and some card blanks in The Range.

jrrolds The_Gift_of_the_Magi

“The Gift Of The Magi” is my favourite O Henry Christmas story. Written a hundred years ago, it is a powerful and poignant tale. If you don’t know it, then read it here – it will only take ten minutes!

This beautifully illustrated edition was reduced from £11 to £2.

My second book was this one

usvborne nativity-sticker

Yes it is a children’s book – but the artwork inside is lovely, and the text most informative. I shall spend a happy afternoon putting all the stickers in place! Most of the art comes from the National Gallery, but some is from the Uffizi and other sites in Florence  [I went there with Steph]

Two books which will go into my ‘Christmas Library’ when I get back to KM and come out each year to bring renewed excitement and joy!

We were back at Cornerstones mid afternoon. Altogether an enjoyable day! [The Norwich Tree Trail is on display for another week.]

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