Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Perils Of Procrastination

ck buntingLast August, we were wandering through Holt on our family holiday.

If Enid Blyton were still around, I am sure she would write a story called “Johnnie B and Cath K go on holiday to Norfolk” set in Holt.

“I do like bunting” said Jon “Please, Ang, can you make me some for our flat?”

“Didn’t I make you some a couple of years ago?” I replied [I did-  click here!]

“Yes, but it would be nice to have more – and not just for Christmas”

So I fully intended to make some when I got home…but I didn’t.

DSCF2750 I put it on my list of Christmas craft jobs [Bunting For Jon] and it kept being pushed to the bottom by other tasks [like producing more than 100 gift tags on Saturday night for Sunday’s Christmas tree]

Then when I blogged about the African Costumes, in November, Liz texted me “Jon likes the African fabric – do you have any left for making bunting with?” – but I had used it all.

Then I came across a piece of African print cotton at the weekend, in the Great Stash and I began cutting out triangles. That was interrupted by Sunday Preparations [see above!]

Finally on Monday morning I got my head down and finished the project. I dashed to the Post Office.

I Posted a Parcel of Perfect Pennants to Pluto Press

[that’s where Jon works – and also Angela Adores Alliteration!]

Here it is laid out on the carpet before I packed it…

The Christmas side…


The all-year-round side…


Close up of the African print…


And pennant #9 is especially for Jon – because his blog is called “Adventures with the Pig”


A string of 18 double sided triangles, 15 feet long.



Jon – you owe me a string of sausages!


  1. It looks brilliant! I procrastinate too! Cx

  2. you know I don't "get" the whole bunting thing? I probably should seen as I am British, but its not a thing I grew up with???

    Gill in Canada

  3. Nice! Smart idea ~ double sided :-)


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