Sunday, 11 December 2011

Gifts You Can’t Wait To Give

This morning’s All Age Service featured a superb nativity play by the children – narrated by the animals in the story – Mary’s Cat, the Nazareth Dog, Joseph’s Donkey, a Sheep, and a Camel.

Bob reminded us that  as Christians, we are all players in the Nativity Story this Christmas – we have to act out the story of the Incarnation to the world around us – or how else will they know?

john lewis ad

We watched the John Lewis ad on the Big Screen [Bob stressing that he was not endorsing the shop, just making a point about Christmas being about giving] and there was a collective ‘aah!’ afterwards.

And finally, we took the Christmas tags we’d been given on arrival, and wrote on them something we’d like to give someone else [near or far, known to us personally or strangers]– and hung them on the tree by the manger.

dec 20111

People had written things like food, fresh water, peace, shelter, hope, love, healing from bad memories, support for Toby Day’s teenage children [a local policeman who died tragically this week, with his wife and youngest child] comfort for troops abroad and their families…

The tree was covered with thoughts and prayers – it looked great. And it was wonderful to have the church full of people of all ages, singing the carols and sharing in the worship.


  1. What a wonderful post Angela - gives us something to think about.

  2. Your tree is such a lovely idea.

  3. I love this! We all are "players" in the Nativity. I must ponder this. I also think the idea of the gift tags hanging on the tree with all of those Christmas wishes/gifts is simply beautiful. Thank you for this.


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