Saturday 31 December 2011

Triumph Bonneville!


[Gratuitous picture of motorbike* to keep Bob happy]


Picture of jolly fine British actor who has kept many of us happy over Christmas. Hugh Bonneville has been everywhere on our TV screens these past few weeks…

  • down at Downton Abbey
  • up in Notting Hill
  • with Ben Hur in Jerusalem
  • with Miss Marple in Gossington

and other places in between [I thought I spotted him in something Dickensian too] No excuse for anyone saying “Who’s Hugh?” – this clever chap is positively ubiquitous.

Three comments;

  1. please don’t tell me about the Downton Abbey ‘special’  as I haven’t watched my recording yet [I am at Cornerstones, and won't see it till I get back to the midlands]
  2. does this mean they will show “Diary Of a Nobody” again soon? It was utterly brilliant!
  3. if he had stuck to his original career plan [the Anglican priesthood, following his Theology Degree at Cambridge] would he have been a bishop by now, do you think?!

[**this is a Triumph Bonneville-  we live near the Triumph HQ!]

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