Wednesday 28 December 2011

A Family That Plays Together…

On Boxing Day we went bowling. It was enormous fun. I get so excited just putting on the crazy red and blue shoes!

A family of Happ y Feet


Not sure about the order in which Steph entered our names on the scoreboard!


Product Placement by Millerbrands Consumer Insights Manager and her sister!


Action shots…


Ok, I came last, but Bob let me wear the crown in the photo


Then we went for a walk in Knighton Park. This has the most amazing outdoor gym equipment. We all had a go at the various machines. We laughed. A lot!



Just to say, if I ever do get some new boots, I want some like the ones Liz has…


Then Bob decided he was fed up with me taking all the photos – so he took a video with his phone. And uploaded it to YouTube. And mentioned it on his Facebook page.

The great mystery is why he named it “2 Strange Women” when there are three of us involved. Perhaps it should be “Two Strange Women and their Even Stranger Mother”

Judge for yourself!


  1. I love the laughing and the bundled up people! It must be chilly there! How cute! Love you guys!

  2. The worst salutes we have ever seen....thirty push/press ups for that!!
    Jane x

  3. We love bowling too - but our nearest Bowling place is over 20 miles away - so we use the Wii! Disconnected right now whilst the room gets decorated - something to look forward to eh?
    Happy New Year to you and yours hun, Denise xxxx


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