Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Adventures Of Tin Tin [Tin, Tin, Tin…]

No not this chap [though I am fond of the Belgian Boy]

tintin blue

Bob has been tidying up the garage- and mentioned that there seemed to be ‘quite a few empty biscuit tins’ and asked me “do you need them all?” “ Bring them into the kitchen and I’ll sort them!” I rashly suggested.

Devotees of ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ will know what the ultimate answer to Life, The Universe and Everything is. It is forty two. Here are my tins. Yes – there were 42 tins in the garage!


[Pedants may note that they are not all biscuit tins – I have here a tea tin, coffee tin, Oxo tin, a tin which held stationery and one for candles] This is the oldest in the collection


I have one for the millennium, and two patriotic tins


A Cadbury tin and McVities tin with pictures of previous advertising


And 3 Royal Jubilee tins [1972, 2002. 2012]


I have done some serious sorting, and culled my collection. This was not easy – I love looking at them, their shapes and colours and designs fascinate me!

Rectangular [and therefore good for storing and stacking] have been relegated to upstairs for craft stuff [where I already have other tins full of ribbons etc].

Others have been put into use in the food cupboards, and I have put neat labels on the side ‘pasta’ ‘Earl Grey Tea’ ‘oatcakes’

Two are going to Steph [for when she takes cakes and cookies to work or church functions]

Just a few empty ones have gone back into the garage for when I need an empty tin [for when I take cakes and cookies to work or church functions]

And a lot of the less interesting ones have been put aside to find a new home somewhere else.

I have two questions

– is the red plastic ‘Celebrations’ drum technically a biscuit ‘tin’ ??

- please can I have one of these for my collection?tintin


  1. Wow, what an excellent collection. I love the one that looks like a radio. I too would love one of the TinTin ones.

  2. I love tins and good sturdy boxes (not too big.) I just can't pass them by. They always seem to come in handy for my art, photographs and writing things. You have a great collection there.

  3. My husband has been muttering recently about my collection of tins. I keep saying that I need lots of spares because if I give somebody a cake, or something else baked, for their birthday, then I don't need to ask for my tin back. I like the red plastic Celebrations tubs for cakes because they are so easy to wash and dry - no damp hiding in the folds of the tin to go rusty.

  4. Love your tins! I never keep the plastic ones as I just can't manage to call them tins. I have a couple of Tate and Lyle golden syrup tins from a few years ago when they did special ones for their 100th year.

  5. What a fabulous collection. I'm so glad that you're not going to start throwing them out. Jx


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