Friday, 6 July 2012

Wet! Wet! Wet!

We were woken by the rain this morning. Which was actually a good thing as the radio alarm had mysteriously ‘lost’ two hours during the night, and was displaying 6am when it was in fact 8am. Our day then started in a confused rush! I think we have finally caught up with ourselves though.

It is still absolutely throwing it down here, the rain coming down in “Straight ‘Airpins” as Nana would say. My final Teddy Delivery to two different schools took me through some huge puddles and a diversion round a very flooded road at the end of the village.

The patio is awash. Not a day for going outside if you can avoid it.


However I did dash down the garden to photograph these flowers DSCF4087DSCF4086DSCF4088

There are an amazing number of foxgloves- both white and purple – in many of the gardens round the village this summer. I commented on this to Jan [who knows about these things] and she thinks that the birds have been dropping the seeds. Well I certainly never planted any in my garden!


The name intrigued me as a child, but my Nana told me it has nothing to do with foxes- apparently it is a corruption of “Folk’s Gloves” – i.e. Fairies’ Gloves.

Here’s Cicely Mary Barker’s Foxglove Fairy [sans gants]

CMB was a wonderful artist [but understandably, my favourite of her fairies is Almond Blossom!]


  1. I've just looked up the 2 fairies in my Flower Fairies book. One of my favourites is the Snowdrop Fairy.
    It's tippling it down here, too. Have you heard the phrase, "It's dark over our Will's mother's."? DH's mum used to say this just before the rain came down.

  2. I never knew that about foxgloves. I do remember we used to call agapanthas Aggie's pants!

    Have a lovely weekend

  3. we have not had rain in a long time...the grass crunches when we walk on it! I'll trade you sun for some rain!

  4. Whenever I think of Foxgloves I remember they are poisonous but they provide digitalis for heart medicine.

  5. Those foxgloves look stunning. I really hope this rain dries up foe a while it makes me feel rather miserable.

    X x


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