Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Thrill Of What You Already Have #7


Floss has given us “Royal Rothesay” this month. I checked this out and discovered there are dozens of Scottish towns which formerly had the prefix ‘Royal’ – but this appendage was formally abolished in 1975 [though, not surprisingly, many places still use it, particularly in  literature aimed at tourists from the American Colonies!]

Floss says in her post “The colours are cheerful and sunny, but what inspired me is that little white sailed boat. How I wish I already had a little white boat…”

And I just knew I had recently seen something at home which was small and white on a blue background and after some seriously consideration, I finally remembered what it was


A coffee mug. It seems just an ordinary coffee mug – in fact I have two like this [I used to have fourbut you know how the ones you like always smash first…] but this mug is rather special. Here are the two of them ‘back-to-back’ to show the complete design.


Back in 1999, when we had Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades at our church, we decided to mark the millennium with something. The rules were

  • it had to support some sort of charity
  • it had to result in a ‘commemorative keepsake’
  • it had to involve a competition
  • it had to focus on the young people

So we asked the Brigades to choose a charity. They opted for the Millennium Lifeboat Appeal, even though we are miles from the sea

We asked them to enter a competition to design a mug. This was the winning entry – featuring stylised GB/BB badges, two Brigade members, the date and all the other information. At the time, Bob and I were both Officers in the company. We had absolutely nothing to do with the judging. But we were so proud that the winning design was drawn by our Steph! She is the artist of the family.

So Floss, it’s small and white – and even has a boat connection!


  1. Fantastic! I used to love walking past the lifeboats at Brixham, and rushing up to the attic windows/apple trees in the high orchard when the maroons went off to summon the lifeboat men, with the aim of seeing the launch! I can see why your Girls Brigade were inspired by them, even if they didn't live with them. Nice one, Angela!

  2. You got the clue right, Angela. I'll do a shout out to you in the solution post tomorrow.
    Have a great week!

  3. Unfortunately not everybody is as appreciative of the RNLI - as this recent news story shows


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